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Columbus in Chicago

The Italian Sons & Daughters of America report that Chicago's Columbus statues may all be re-erected pursuant to a legal agreement uncovered by the Freedom of Information Act proving that Chicago officials lacked the authority to remove the statues:
Chicago's Columbus Statues Could All Be Coming Back

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Christopher Columbus is the Greatest Hero of the 15th and 16th Centuries
Robert Petrone

(pt. I): Introduction
(pt. II): Columbus the Man
(pt. III): The Scientific Hypothesis
(pt. IV): The Discovery
(pt. V): The Second Voyage
(pt. VI): "The Arch-Nemesis Bobadilla":
(pt. VII): The First Civil Rights Legislation of the Americas
(pt. VIII: The Final Voyage to Freedom

Responses to Mayor's Actions
Basil M. Russo

In Response to the Philadelphia Mayor's Decision to Cancel Columbus Day

Professor Carol Delaney

Professor Delaney's book, Christopher Columbus and the Search for Jerusalem

Rafael Ortiz

Debunking Vox's Comments about Columbus
Official Christopher Columbus on Facebook
Christopher Columbus on Twitter
Official Columbus1492 on Instagram
Christopher Columbus on Youtube
Columbus on IMGFLP
Defending Columbus From Modern Day Revisionism

Robert Petrone

12 Reasons Why Atrocities Attributed to Christopher Columbus are Not True
History of the Indies Book I OF III
History of the Indies Book II nd III

Conference of Presidents of Major Italian American Organizations Summit

Italian American Organizations Summit

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The Catholic Spirit of Christopher Columbus
Courage and Conviction on Youtube
10 Things People Get Wrong About Christopher Columbus on Youtube

Media Appearances

Robert Petrone


Robert Petrone conducts Christopher Columbus University on Radio Voice Italia, an international internet radio broadcast featuring live and archived internet radio shows.  RVI airs live every Wednesday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern time.


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